Fabulous Frog Facts
Frog Hollow Campground/RV Park

The smallest frog in the world is from Cuba, and is only 1/2"; long. The largest frog

There are over 4800 species of frogs in the world, though only 300 species in the
US and Canada. They are all over the world, except for Antarctica .
Because frogs have eyes and nostrils that are on the tops of their heads, they can
see and breathe while the rest of the body is under water. Adult frogs breathe with
lungs, but also absorb oxygen through their skin.

Frogs have teeth.

Frogs have smooth skin, and long legs to help them leap. Toads have drier warty
skin and short legs, and they move by crawling or hopping rather than by leaping.
Technically, though, toads are just a type of frog
Toads can be poisonous if badly frightened or injured.

Toads do NOT cause warts.