Frog Hollow Campground/RV Park
It all began with a "permanent" trailer/cottage many, many years ago.  
It was fine to be in one place for a while, but we decided we wanted to
travel so moved up to a pop up.  Wow, that was cool!!!  We traveled
the Midwest with our first daughter and then, when the twins were
born, upgraded to a larger pop up and traveled even greater
distances.  Eventually we gave up the pop ups and had the luxury of
an indoor bathroom and "real beds".  
Over the years, as we camped in many different states (and Canada)
we would critique each campground.......  
"If we owned a campground we would NEVER do this!"  or "This is
sooo cool.  If we owned a campground we would be sure to include
Well, we never did actually write down these good vs bad items but we
did look at each other one day and say, "we keep saying..."if we
owned a campground".... so why don't we buy one?"
So, we did.  Our youngest were still in school so we needed something
open year around and in warmer weather.  Friends of ours that are
campground owners just happened upon what would become
Frog Hollow Campground called us with the information and the rest is
We love owning a campground!  It is the best of all worlds of work,
play and rest.  We have met the most wonderful people from, literally,
all over the world.  Our rec hall walls are covered with over 400 jigsaw
puzzles and even more signatures from our worldwide campers.  You
really need to come down and see it :)
Our children are all grown now and we are grandparents and
great-grandparents several times over.  We have dogs and cats (all
dumped off or stray) and friends all over the world.
What an adventure our life has been and will continue to be.